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Our clinics use cutting-edge technologies to deliver high-quality integrative treatments, combining conventional medicine with alternative medicine. Our team of experts has vast experience and follows the latest scientific developments, therefore guaranteeing evidence-based practice.

Our main objective is to be among the first to offer you access to promising innovative therapies.

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Get access to new cancer immunotherapies that are effective, safe, scientifically proven and personalised.

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Overcome various types of cancers.
Minimize chronic cancer treatment side effects.
Regain and maintain a more robust immune system.
Improve and maintain organ function.
Recover from cancer-related symptoms.
Aim to help you stay cancer-free.

State of the Art Facilities

Our facilities are some of the few state-of-the-art facilities in the world that combine treatments from different sectors, based on research from Europe and the US. Our treatments attack cancer from multiple directions, allowing the patients/you to regain their own healing abilities and boost their immune systems.

You're in Good Hands

Not only are our patients/you looked after by our highly experienced doctors and medical team, but also by our patient coordinators, who will ensure that all our patients’/your needs are met. We can assist with travel advice, accommodation booking, and coordinating any external medical needs.


“My relationship with all staff has been remarkable. All my dealings, from Rosset Consulting to the doctors, nurses and other staff at the recommended clinic have been fantastic. Everyone is supportive, and happy to answer any questions and queries, putting my mind at ease and making this process a little easier.”


Leticia’s Personalized Treatment Plan and Improvements

Within a timeframe of six weeks, we were able to send her to one of our clinics. There, she received a multitude of treatments, including IPT, High Dose Vitamin C, Local Hyperthermia, and Lymphatic Therapy, all part of her integrated treatment plan.
Leticia expressed special interest in Local Hyperthermia because she and our doctors believe that it plays an important role in stopping cancer cells from reaching her spine.


Leticia, 44, from Australia was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2014. Initially she was advised to receive Chemotherapy. However, around the same time she was also diagnosed with Brain Cancer. Her immune system was severely weakened by the two types of cancer and by her brain tumour removal surgery. Should Leticia be exposed to Chemotherapy, the conventional cancer treatment, her immune system would suffer further significant damage. Leticia therefore sought advice from a Naturopathic doctor in Australia, who recommended her to contact us.

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Careful Analysis of your Medical History

In agreement with you, our medical advisors will determine what the best treatment is for you. We will contact you to explain the proposed treatment. Should you wish for our chosen doctor to speak with your treatment physician, we will be happy to facilitate this.



You can always contact us, ask all questions, tell us if there is anything you don’t like at the clinic, we are here every day from 9 am to 5 pm, and guarantee to call you back within maximum 24 hours.


Individualized Treatment Plan Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Each quote contains an individual treatment plan, including the scheduling of the first appointment and a detailed pricing description.


Personal On-Site Assistance

We want to make your stay at the clinic as comfortable as possible. Whether you require a translator, a personal assistant, or a driver – just let us know, and we will organize it for you.


Travel Planning

Our clinics are in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. How to get there, no worries, we will organize it all for you and your accompanying person(s).


New, innovative treatment options

We constantly research the latest scientific treatments. Should you want to be informed about the latest developments within cancer medicine, please sign up for our newsletter.