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The IASO immunotherapy concept

Central to this treatment approach is:

The Dendritic Cell Therapy (DCT)

empowering your immune system to fight cancer on its own

If necessary, DCT is combined with:

Therapy with dendritic cells


Reduces the tumour burden


Prevents the growth of metastases


Prevents relapse and recurrence

DCT is the gentlest and most natural therapy against cancer. It supports the body in defeating the cancer by itself.

In this cancer therapy, the dendritic cells “activate” killer cells and T-helper cells, which then fight the tumour.

Through these processes, the body forms a memory, like a vaccination. This prevents the cancer from recurring and spreading to other organs.

IASO Cancer

Bruno Rosset

I studied pharmacology with partial studies in medicine and have trained for years in the fields of genetics and cancer immunology.

My mission now is to help patients worldwide find the best cancer treatment for their individual cases, guiding them from the first call to the completion of the treatment.

During my 25 years of experience at Big Pharma and as the Director of Specialty Clinics in Dubai, I have met many dedicated doctors and scientists who are successfully developing innovative cancer therapies.

Today, I am proud that they are part of our Iaso Cancer initiative.

Bruno Rosset


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"I sent an email to all my family and friends saying if they ever get cancer to come here first. They are fantastic people and will do anything for you."

Ken, Australia prostate cancer, 58 years old

"It was a great pleasure to meet you at the clinic. My father and I are very grateful for your help and support and for taking such a long journey to meet us and reassure us. We are both very pleased with how everything went. Furthermore, I will recommend you to any other patients who could benefit from your care."

Alexandra N., London whose father (61) suffered from pancreatic cancer with metastases

"I must get it off my chest. You are the "greatest": competence, commitment and cordiality too"

Frank G., Basel, Switzerland prostate cancer, 59 years old

"The experience was great. The whole team was so friendly and helpful. I really liked Prof Frank, he was warm and welcoming and informative. And I have to say when I got there, I was exhausted but after the vitamin C infusion it gave me so much energy, I haven't felt so alive in months! Thank you so much, Bruno, for helping me get this treatment. "

J.H., Dublin, Ireland breast cancer, 38 years old

"All my contacts, from Bruno to the doctors, nurses and other staff at the recommended clinic, were fantastic. Everyone was helpful and happy to answer any questions or concerns, which put me at ease and made the process a little easier."

Mireille L., France breast cancer, 62 years old
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